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Happy Hippo Chocolates A Happy Momma Makes

Why can’t I fall in love with chocolate that I can just buy at my regular grocery store?  I would even be happy if I found some good chocolate that I had to go out of my way to get…like at Trader Joe’s or something.

A couple of Brett’s coworkers who were at a show in Germany brought him back some chocolate.  There might have been a little blackmail involved.  I am still not sure.  One of the boxes of chocolate he brought home was Happy Hippo.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  These are so good.  It has a crunchy wafer shell and is filled with a layer of creamy chocolate on top and a layer of milk cream on the bottom.  The bottom is dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with meringue chips.  They are goofy looking, but taste heavenly.  I ate four out of the five in the box.  He just brought them home last night.

I tried to order some from a couple of different sites and I haven’t found any with shipping under $10.50 for one box, darnit.  If anyone knows where to find these around the Seattle area please let me know!  Or maybe you shouldn’t.  Because I can eat an entire box in one day.  And as of January 1st I am not supposed to be eating sugar.  Oops.


Okay, so apparently you can buy it on Amazon.  But it is still $9.35 to ship.  Maybe I will have to get myself some for my birthday in May.  

(Now that I think of it…it is kind of embarrassing that I get so excited about chocolate)

Happy Hippo

  • I will have to be sure never to try these! If I never try them I can’t become addicted!

  • Hmmm … on the other hand ….

  • aubree

    speaking of trader joes, i dont know if you have tried these,
    but i usually dont like dark chocolate, and i love these.

    they are soooo gooddddd 🙂

  • aubree


  • aubree

    lol, my picture link isnt working,

    but this is what they look like

  • whim

    Oh man Aubree…now I have to go to Trader Joe’s this week and get some! Those look very good and dark chocolate is my very favorite!