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Her Plans Are Foiled Again


On our way to church this morning:

Anna: I don’t want to go to church.  Let’s just pretend we are sick.

Me: That would be lying.

Anna: They will never know.

Me: But Heavenly Father would know.

Anna: No he won’t. He can’t see us.

Me: Yes he can. Heavenly Father can always see us.

Anna: What if we wear our church clothes and say we are going to church, but go to Chuckee Cheese instead?

Me: Yep, he would still know.

Anna: Dangit.

  • Sorry for laughing so hard in the car this morning when Anna said this. I know I shouldn’t have but it was just too funny. She’s a pill!

  • What a smart little thing she is!! I have not read the book from your last post…however I too agree with what you said…Parents need an adjustment every now and again…cause I do the same thing. Melanie

  • Sus

    Dangit, indeed.

  • Give her a few years, she’ll find a loophole!!!! ROFL, I want to see the picture of you all sitting in Chuckee Cheese in your Sunday best!

  • I read this out loud to my family. Double ROFL for me

  • NIce post. Got to love how kids cut to chase so quickly.

  • she ‘s very creative. she will be talking her way out of everything before you know it.

  • Anna says the darndest things … Grandpa and I had a good laugh over that one too!

  • I’d have to admit I’d like to join her at Chuck E Cheese some days.

  • Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?