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His Eyes Are Continually Upon You

I have been teaching in Relief Society at church for about six months.  I only teach once a month, which is good, because it gives me three weeks to procrastinate and a week to prepare my lesson.   

Today’s lesson was “Obedience: When the Lord Commands, Do It.”  There was some great material in the lesson and I found some good material online to supplement with.  Of course, the best part of the lessons each week is the discussion and I love to hear other women’s opinions and feelings on the topic.

This week I felt a little off.  I didn’t feel like I was presenting my thoughts and feelings very well and I was having a hard time expressing all the things I had been pondering since I read the lesson topic a few weeks ago. 

Obedience is a common topic and one that can be a little overwhelming as we realize just how many ways we are expected to be obedient.  It is easy to get discouraged thinking of the things we are not doing, or not doing as well as we think we should be.

So the time was up and I was closing the lesson with a quote that included the words, “How wise, how holy; how chaste, and how perfect, then, you ought to conduct yourselves in His sight; and remember, too, that His eyes are continually upon you.”  Of course, in my mind, I am imagining all the times I snap at my kids or forget to say prayers or read scriptures. 

I look up as I am about ready to bear testimony and close the class and I see a hand up.  We are already two minutes past closing time, but I felt like I should hear what this sister had to say.

Thank you so much to a woman I admire so much for leaving us with the positive and comforting reminder:

“It is important that we remember that He sees all we do, and this includes the GOOD things that we do.  He is proud of us for all the things we are trying to do right.”

Thank you.  I will remember that.

  • So true and I need to remember that with my own children. It makes me cry to think of all the times I overlook the good and just focus and the things they do wrong.

  • Could you send me the source on that quote? Thanks for sharing

  • great quote. And I think that is the best calling ever! Well.. except for nursery of course. haha.