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How High Can You Count?

Lincoln: Wanna know how high I can count?

Me: Yep.

Lincoln: Okay, I will show you. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5…..

(a few minutes later)

…299. 300. 301. 302. 303. 304. Mom…Do you want to know how much I can really count to? Okay. A thousand. No! A million! It just takes too long so can I just tell you that I can count to a million instead?

(later that night)

Me: Lincoln, how high did you say you can count.

Lincoln: A thousand. I mean a million!

Me: What comes after a million?

Lincoln: A million and one.

Me: Ah ha! So you can count higher than a million!

(look of amazement on his face)

Lincoln: Whoa. Cool!

  • Good way to show you can always go higher! He must be proud of himself!

  • I remember my mom rolling out this huge piece of paper on the floor so I could practice writing my numbers. Let’s just say Lincoln is a lot further ahead than I was. But I’m not bitter.

  • Trisha

    What a little cutie pie!

  • We used to have to commute with my mom, who would drop us off at preschool on her way to work in the mornings. It was a half-hour, and I would spend the whole time counting telephone poles. Until my sister told me to shut up. Then I whispered them. Just passing the time counting … I can totally see the allure. Go Lincoln!

    (PS. I recently read a great recommendation for Dr. Suess’s Beyond Z – making up letters beyond the alphabet. Might be a good bet for a kid who can make it beyond a million.)

  • Maryanne

    I love this! And how cute that he was so excited to know that he could count even higher than he thought. That was smart on your part to show him!