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How Many Times Do They ALL Win Something?


Anna riding the prize

A couple of weekends ago we decided to stop by Crossroads Mall food court for dinner.  After we ate we wandered up to the little carousel so the kids could have a couple of rides before we headed home.

The store right in front of the carousel is a unique children’s store that we have always liked to browse through, but have had many discussions about how the service was very poor and the salespeople always seemed like they didn’t want to be there.

We were very happy to see that that owner’s had changed, it had undergone remodeling and it was now called Common Folk, Co. (They also have a home store, which is shown on their website)

They had a grand opening sign and balloons and free cupcakes and little gift bags for kids so we decided to go browse through the store.

seekairun We found these cute little shoes for Kai that are made by a company called See Kai Run. The owner’s helped us find the right size and we chatted with them for a bit while the kids played in the toy section.

As we were about to leave a bell sounded and someone yelled for everyone to get on a paper number on the floor. They called out several numbers and Anna ended up winning a Corolle Poupette doll and the owner slipped Lincoln a Speed Racer when he saw the disappointed look on his face that he hadn’t won anything.

As we were waving and leaving the store the owner called out, “be sure to sign up for our drawing in the hall!”

I walked by a roped off area and saw they were giving away a Red Flyer tricycle and a John Deere tractor and trailer with pedals. I quickly filled out a card for each of the kids and we headed home.

A couple of days later we got a phone call that Luca had won the tractor. The kids were jumping up and down with excitement! We had already explained that if we happened to win something it would be shared by all of them, but I was happy to tell Luca it was her name they had drawn because she had not won anything the night we were at the store.

We went back up that night and picked up the tractor and the kids have been riding around the culdesac ever since.

The $30 I was feeling guilty about spending on a pair of baby shoes definitely paid off for us that time!

Everyone was very friendly and helpful and we love the unique lesser known products that they carry. Even if our kids had not won any of the prizes that they did we would still go back!

  • Wow, that is quite the prize! It looks like something that will get a lot of use … even Kai will love it eventually.

  • that is way cool!!! they must be having a blast.
    a couple of years ago our family participated in the Olympic Coast Cleanup. After we spent several hours cleaning up our favorite beach, we went to a picnic put on for the volunteers. They had a drawing for some prizes that had been donated by various sponsors. They started pulling out names and Aaron, Hayden & Ethan all ended up winning something. We felt so completely embarressed. I think we left shortly there after because we were afraid we would end up with way too much stuff and didn’t want other participants to miss out. There were less then a dozen other people there. Anyway, that’s always been kind of a fun little memory. 🙂

  • You just need to hook up a mower attachement and you got yourself a 2-for-1 deal there!

  • awesome prize. how fun.

  • Jana

    LOL!!! Way to go kids. That sure looks like a great prize. The shoes sure were cute two. 🙂

  • whim

    I like the way you think Jeff!

  • Trisha Christensen

    That’s so awesome that you guys won that tractor!! I love See Kie Run shoes. I bought some for Lanessa right after she started walking really good off eBay. They really are great shoes.