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I Am So Glad I Can Count On Other Moms To Be Creative For Me

What do you do with your empty egg cartons?  How about this idea that I found on one of my favorite blogs, Scribbit?!

I saw this blog post tonight and got so excited.  I have a hard time throwing certain things away if I think I might find a use for them, and egg cartons are one of them. 

Let’s just say I am “provident” rather than “cheap”.

Anway…so every time I throw an egg carton away I think, “I could save this to do a craft with the kids.”  Luckily, I think these things often, but talk myself out of it because I know my husband would disappear in the middle of night with my kids, my boxer, and my All-Clads if I ever let junk overrun the house. 

(please don’t let him find my Tupperware Thatza Bowl that is full of empty baby food jars!)

So my plan is to save three egg cartons (shouldn’t be hard since I just started eating low carb) and then I will let Luca paint the cups and plan out the scavenger hunt for Lincoln and Anna.  She will like planning and being in charge and her siblings are used to coming to attention and doing as the Seargant orders.

Of course I will let you know how it goes!

  • The kids will definitely have fun on their treasure hunt … and letting Luca be in charge will be fun for her, too. You kids spent hours on treasure hunts that Warren thought up over the years.

  • Thanks so much for mentioning this, I’m glad you liked the idea!

  • Angi’s kids made these crayons today. I was unprepared for the smell of melting crayon!