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I Guess I Need To Read My Book On Baby Safety One More Time

I goofed today and my baby got hurt.  He wasn’t hurt very bad, but still, it was my fault and I felt awful.

kai floor

I was getting him ready for church and I laid him down on Lincoln’s bed.  I turned to the closet, which is just an arm’s reach away, and heard a “THUMP!” and then a scream.

Kai had rolled over in the three seconds it had taken me grab his church shirt and turn back to him. 

He fell on his back and it knocked the wind out of him.  Luckily Lincoln’s bed is pretty low to the ground, but for a baby it was still a decent fall. 

He cried. And cried. And cried. 

I fought my own tears as I rocked him and whispered in his ear. 

The other three kids were instantly on top of me.

“Is he okay?!”

“Did you drop him?!”

And then my favorite from Luca, “Give him to me mom!  I need to hold him!”

Like I can’t be trusted with him now.  I hurt him once and I might do it again! 

Actually, I thought it was pretty sweet that she thought she needed to be the one to comfort him.

He was fine after about three minutes of love and attention and he had a great rest of the day.

  • Oh how I love that sweet little baby face! I remember every wound I was responsible for with my own kids … You’re lucky your kids didn’t string you up!

  • Sus

    Oh don’t feel bad! I whacked Frannie in the head with the car door the other day. I could list more than a few other slip-ups. My grandmother had six children, all of which she says fell down the 15 or so stairs to the concrete basement at least once in their childhood. Good thing they bounce, right? And that yours have a big sister like Luca – so sweet.

  • Meagan

    I did the same exact thing with Maddie when she was about 13 months. I put her on my bed and then went to put my shirt on and just as my head peeked through the neckhole I saw her falling. I felt terrible and she had never cried so hard, though I’m pretty sure she was mostly just scared. It sure made me realize that babies truly do only need one second to fall! I’m glad that Kai recovered so quickly and has such loving, concerned siblings. 🙂

  • Ha! I just remembered a movie picture of myself at about his age. I was sitting on a bed and Dad was taking a movie. I rolled over and right off the bed and he just kept taking the picture. The end of the movie is mother running into the picture and you can see her lips as she scolds dad for letting it happen!

  • Oh boy, I just did the same thing to Lizzie last week. And I’m still checking her constantly to make sure her eyes can still track and that I didn’t do some permanent damage, even though I only need to look at my three year old (whose head ran into EVERYTHING for about a six month stretch) to remember that having mama there to comfort post bed fall is probably outweighing the thump factor. It happens to all of us, I think. so thanks for sharing.

  • I’ve ended up putting both of my babies (they’re 16 and 20 now) up on the couch and turning around just in time to see them drop to the floor. I don’t think your a parent until that’s happened. Don’t let it traumatize you anymore than it did for him. Life happens…

  • Maryanne

    That reminds me of when I was about 15 and I was baby-sitting for a neighbor. The exact thing happened – I put the baby on the bed and turned for only a second and wham! he was on the floor. I was so scared to tell the mom when she got home because I didn’t want her to think I was a bad baby-sitter, so I didn’t tell her! Then after I got home I felt SO guilty about it so I called her and through lots tears told her what had happened. I was relieved when she was so nice about it. And yes she did call me back to baby-sit again which I was happy about. And I never turned my back on that baby again! 🙂

    Oh I just remembered another one! Oh dear, THIS one should make you feel a lot better about what happened to Kai! When my Brooke (first baby) was only 2 weeks old I was giving her a bath in the bathroom sink. I lay her on a towel next to the sink and needed to get….something from the next room. So I just left her there next to the sink thinking that she was so little there is no way she could roll off. I ran out then quickly ran back in to the sound of muffled cries. She had rolled INTO THE SINK face down!! Luckily I had drained all the water out already. She wasn’t really hurt and only cried for a short time, but I remember holding her and rocking her and crying MY eyes out for the longest time. Ooo, that is a really a bad memory that I had almost forgotten about. (I can’t believe I just confessed to that!) Sorry about the LONG post 🙂

  • I remember coming home after a hard day at work. I sat down at the couch to watch TV or something. I wondered where Lacey was, my months-old baby at the time. Her carrier was empty and she was nowhere to be found.

    Suddenly it clicked and I jumped up with a start. I was sitting on top of her on the couch the whole time. Blessedly, she was positioned so there was no damage at all.

    I felt so bad for a long time. Now I am known as the babysitter.