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I Think His Sisters Are Trying To Get Rid Of Him


Luca packed Lincoln up and Anna got the stamp.

Both sets of grandparents better get ready because I don’t know if he is on his way to Ogden or St. George!

  • Jana

    LOL!!! That is way too cute. I bet that is going to be the best package Grandma and Grandpa has gotten in a long time. Your kids are absolutely adorable.

  • Oh, hurry and put our addresses on it!

  • GH, I’ll address it right now if Anna Lynn is part of the deal. 🙂

  • hehe, that is so cute!!
    i love how we buy all these fancy, expensive toys for our kids, they play with them for a few days and then they rot in the bottom of a toy box or something. but give them a cardboard box and they can have way more fun. and much more imaginative.
    my kids love all the left over boxes when we move.

  • Trisha Christensen

    Okay, that is the cutest thing ever!! : )