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If I had my druthers I’d…

Eat a chicken salad at Chipotle at least three times a week

Have maid service once a week

Get paid to read whatever I wanted

Get paid to write whatever I wanted

Always have a clever blog idea in my queue

Have a little money tree (not being greedy…a little one…so I could always have a little extra cash in my wallet)

Never be cold again

Learn, remember, and properly use every word I see on this site.  Do you think I just knew the word druthers without a little help?


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  • So if you didn’t know the word “druthers” where did you come up with it? That’s an old word we always used when I was growing up … In fact, we still do!. If I had my druthers I would still be up at Zion’s camping! We had so much fun! I have a good story to tell on my blog about the “earthquake”.

  • whim

    I had heard it, but didn’t really know the real meaning. Go to the link I posted. It is a site that gives you a word a day to learn. Kind of fun.

    Can’t wait to hear about the earthquake! I wish I could have been there.