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Immersed in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series

Why have I not been posting much the past week and a half?


twilight twilight2 twilight3

I had been hearing about this series for months and finally borrowed the first book from a friend.  The night I finished it I ordered the next two books on Amazon and got them in a day and a half. 

They are all about 600ish pages and I started a little over a week ago.  I am almost done with book three. 

A friend asked tonight how I had read them so fast and I told him, "it is easy when you neglect your kids for a week."  (Ha. Ha.  They have had full bellies and clean clean faces…well…at least full bellies.)

I will owe each of them some serious one on one when I finish the last book.

And now they have made a movie of the first book.


I am already in the works of planning a girl’s night out when it comes out in December.


  • Aubee

    i’m re-reading eclipse right now,

    they’re so good =]

    when i went down to st. george, almost all the girls in the family had read them. it was fun talking to grandma, kim, angi and kati about all of them =]

    too bad we can’t all go see the movie together


    I had not seen that trailer yet. I am a HUGE fan and cannot wait. Their Edward is starting to grow on me…

  • whim

    Aubree, that would be a blast if all the girls in the family could go together…but…all the Seattle family girls could! I have a friend down here that wants to go too. We should make it a girls night and have dinner and stuff. We could meet somewhere like Bellevue or Seattle or something.

  • Kaitlyn

    This also has been my obsession. I’ve started reading them for a second/third time. They are amazing books and I”m suprise you didn’t start earlier

  • Who would win in a fight to the death between Harry Potter and Edward Cullen? If Harry can take a dementor, certainly he could finish off a vampire….Avada Kedavra! Zap! Game Over…

    Seriously though, I read this book too. I had to find out what was taking over Aubree’s life. All I can say is I can see why all you girls like it so much…and why boys aren’t that in to it. She did a good job, obviously. Why can’t I write books like that. DOH! hehe.

  • Kim, I’m so glad you’ve been “biten” as well.. I am totally not a “reader” but these books consumed me. I totally neglected my kids, house, husband, church calling for the 4 days it took me to complete them… ran to Barnes and Noble after I finished Twilight to get New Moon and Eclipse… I just finished reading them for the 2nd time, I’ve re-read the last 1/2 of Eclipse again this week… just love the scene in the tent… she’s so torn and it’s just so emotional!
    My friend is moving about 3 hours north here in NY but we’ve already planned our “Movie girls night” there are about 20-25 of us “old ladies” who can’t wait for the last book. and our movie night to arrive! It was so funny… I’m suppposed to go to Switzerland with my hubby in December for his annual Christmas party… I’ve never been and swore to him I’d go this year… well… when I found out it was the same weekend that the movie comes out, I almost had a breakdown… I guess a few days won’t kill me… at least I hope not!
    Enjoy… I’d love to hear who you are cheering for… I’m not sure 🙂 Can’t wait for August and the Last book… oh, the agony of waiting….

  • whim

    Wendy, Gotta say…and this is going to make my nieces chew me out…but I am cheering for the wolf! I will be careful what I say so I don’t give anything away, but I think Edward hovers too much and and he hides things from Bella. He is almost like a drug that she can’t resist. I like Jacob’s honesty and “warmth”. I would like to see her stay mortal too and have a family and normal life. My mom said the same thing…maybe it is a “mom” thing to have that opinion.

    Switzerland sounds fun! That is a good trade off. That is one of the countries I would most like to visit. How lucky that his yearly party is in such an incredible place?!

  • I have to ditto Kimi … I haven’t hardly dared voice it around here becaus eof all the Edward fans.

  • I had absolutely no desire to read these books until I saw that trailer. Dang you! If there is another one coming out I’ll wait so I can read all of them at once.

  • Hi Kim,

    Have you heard all of the hubbub about Midnight Sun (twilight from Edward’s perspective) being leaked by someone? Apparently Stephenie is quite upset about the leak and is now putting it on hold. You can read all about it on her website .

    Thank you for blogging about your kids and your family. I really enjoy reading them. You have an adorable family.