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In Seven Years

Seven years ago today this little girl taught me that my capacity for physical pain was far greater than I ever thought when she raced into this world with no regard to my hollering, “Epidural!”

She showed me that she has things to do and places to go. Right now. She was born half an hour after I slipped on my hospital gown.


In the following weeks she taught me endurance, determination, and faith as we put our house up for sale, suffered through mastitis (yes, we ALL suffered through that), colic, ear infections, and the flu, packed up our three bedroom home, said goodbye to dear friends, and moved three states away all by the time she was six and a half weeks old.

If I thought I was a pro with the first two kids I was wrong. In this child’s first month of life I found myself simultaneously making my one and three year old lunch, talking the phone, and loading the dishwasher. While nursing.

I gained a new level of strength as I carried her in her car seat on one arm, carried my not yet walking one year old on my opposite hip, and dragged my three year as she clung to my belt loops. I was convinced I could handle Target without help and I did.

She showed me that it is okay for a baby to prefer grandma over mom. It makes grandma feel really good and at the end of the day it is mom that gets the final smile as she drifts off to sleep.

In the seven years since since she raced into this world-into the hands of the astonished on-call doctor-she has lifted my spirits when nothing else could, shown me a compassion I didn’t know young children could possess, softened my heart when it wanted to be cold, shared the wisdom of her fresh from God eternal spirit, and raised my joy beyond my greatest expectations.


I hope you will still be dancing on the beach when you are my age.

I love you forever A. Lynn.

  • The picture of her twirling on the beach is how I always picture Anna Lynn. She’s a true free spirit. Sometimes she doesn’t fit into some of the structured activities such as school because of this but I hope she never changes. I will encourage her to fun loving person she is.

  • That is a beautuiful post Kim. I love the way you write and the way it made me feel like I knew your family before I ever met them. Happy Birthday to Anna!

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  • Grandma

    What an absolutely beautiful post, Kim. You describe Anna so perfectly and your writing is so uplifting. You need to do it more often. I love to read what you blog! I love Anna, too, and wish I had mailed her car on time. Let’s Skype tomorrow! Love you all, Mom

  • This was beautiful Kim. Happy Mother’s Day!