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“Yes!” Luca yelled. “We have the park all to ourselves!”

“Whoo hoo!”


KidsWallAs Luca, Lincoln, and Anna scrambled up the side of the climbing wall I turned to watch two large buses with “Parks and Recreation” pull into the parking lot.

As the buses released their loads of screaming running children I had to laugh as I watched the expression on Luca’s face change as she turned around to check out the invasion.

It didn’t ruin our time at the park to have 30+ visitors share the space with us. It just meant we had to stay an hour longer than the day camp kids so that we could have our peaceful day that we had planned.

  • That’s really funny. and sad. Glad it was still a fun day.

  • Shantel

    That is a cool park toy! I want to climb it! I know how luca felt I loved having it all to my self when I was kid. I hated the kids that wouldn’t let you go down the slide unless you knew the “password”.

  • Grandma Henke

    Ha! That would have been fun to see Luca’s face. That’s a Murphy’s Law if I ever heard one!

  • That looks like an awesome playground toy! Dang man, where were those when I was a kid?

  • whim

    Shantel and War – I know! That climbing wall rocks! It goes all the way around too.

  • Maryanne

    What a bummer! And what a good mom to stay an extra hour so they could play by themselves!!

  • That climbing toy is awesome. I am envious for my children.