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Increasing My Vocabulary

Brett just explained the meaning of "Rickroll" to me.  I had seen people use it on Twitter and heard Brett say it a time or two and had no idea.  I couldn’t have come up with the meaning if I was drunk on Diet Coke.  Not that I would know what it is like to be drunk on Diet Coke.

Apparently you have been "rickrolled" if you click on a video link and get tricked into watching the Rick Astley video "Never Going to Give You Up".   

It is even on Wikipedia.

When Brett told me that and I said, "Oh!  I went to his concert when I was a teenager".

His response was, "that’s sad".  

What?!  I liked it!

On another note, My friend Keli introduced me to this new song today.  I kind of like it.


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  • I had never heard the term before … it’s amazing the things I have learned in my old age!

  • Oh … and you are very sneaky too.

  • ROFL!!!!!! That was awesome!! I loved Rick Astley when I was in Jr high, swoon!!! I still think he has a great voice, and wonder what he’s doing now. Loved the pleated jeans and the bimbos shakin their behinds at the camera. So very 80’s. YIKES!!!

  • whim

    I have to say, I thought he was pretty hot when I went to his concert. I still remember he came out at the end in jeans and a white t-shirt and denim jacket and I was in love. I think I was in 7th grade.

  • Maryanne

    Ahhhh!! I LOVED Rick Astley. I still have his c.d. Great, now I have one of his songs stuck in my head. As long as it’s gone by the time I go to bed!