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John Adams – HBO Mini Series

Brett ordered HBO a couple of weeks ago just so we could watch the new John Adams mini series.  It is AMAZING!  I have always been interested in early American history so I figured I would enjoy it, but it has surprised me how much I look forward to watching it.  The way the relationship between John and his wife Abigail is portrayed is my favorite part.  I love that he asked for her opinion, listened to her, and trusted her advice in a time where women were not regarded as political equals (not that they always are now!).

Check it out.


  • Maryanne

    That looks like an awesome show! Now I’m sad we don’t have HBO (which my opinion is usually the opposite!). We are taking our family to Williamsburg, VA and Washington D.C. this summer for a “veducation” in American history (that’s my word for an educational vacation), so we are really into early American history right now, trying to learn and teach our kids as much as we can before we go. I hope they release that mini-series on dvd before then! That would be great to see.

  • Anna

    I was watching the HBO series John Adams tonight and there was a nod at George Washington’s false teeth. It made me laugh because I remembered that those teeth are on display in Baltimore at The National Museum of Dentistry. Not only that, the map that the American delegation in France used to identify the United States of America at the Treaty of Paris, the actual map from George III’s library, is on display at the Maps exhibitions running at The Walters Art Museum. Check it out