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Kim’s Cuisine

I made new low carb creation tonight.  I have been eating lower carb for a couple of weeks now and I wanted a bean burrito, but I also wanted some veggies, and Luca’s eggs looked really good, so I combined everything into something I will call "Kim’s Rocking Low Carb Mexican Veggie Burrito Wrap".  It had eggs, onion, red and orange pepper, two handfuls of spinach, mushroom, a little refried beans, tomato, cheddar and pepperjack cheese…all on a low carb wrap.   Not bad.  Even Anna and Lincoln liked it.

Luca said to me, "Mom…sometimes I think you make things that nobody in the world and not even Jesus has ever tried."

You know.  I think she is probably right.

Maybe I should rename it "Kim’s Rocking Low Carb Mexican Veggie Burrito Wrap That Even Jesus Has Never Tried".

  • Meagan

    LOL! That’s hilarious. It sounds like a really yummy creation! My creations usually need some doctoring up from Matt to make them edible. 🙂

  • HAHA! There you go. It’s all in the title really. Maybe I’ll use that same logic on my next book. “The Magic Sword that even Jesus never tried.”

  • Maryanne

    Your kids totally crack me up!! (And the burrito sounds quite yummy!)

  • whim

    It would have been much better with black beans. I only used the refried beans because Luca had opened some to make a burrito and I didn’t want to waste them. That is how a lot of my kitchen creations start.

  • That is so funny! It does sound quite original … Luca is probably right!