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Lincoln’s Card Trick


Lincoln: Mom! Pick a card! Any card!

(I pick a card)

Me: Do I need to look at it?

Lincoln: Not really

(I put the card back and he proceeds to clumsily shuffle the deck)

Lincoln: Okay, what did your card look like.

Me: I don’t know, you said I didn’t need to look at it.

(A look of confusion passes over his face)

Lincoln: Okay, start over. Pick a new card.

(I pick a new card and look at it this time…as does Lincoln. Card goes back. Another clumsy shuffle.)

Lincoln: Okay….

(He proceeds to go through the cards one by one until he finds the card I picked.)

Lincoln: Is this your card?!

Me: Yes!!

Lincoln: That is my new trick. I have been practicing.

Me: It was amazing.

  • ROFL!!! That is so cute!

  • And a card shark is born. Just as long as he doesn’t hit up first-graders for their lunch money :0)
    Makes me sad because I am reminded of the fact that I still can’t shuffle. I will have to rely on Lincoln.

  • DobberDobber

    David Copperfield, move over here comes the new kid on the block. Way to go Lincoln !!

  • I think I may be able to copy that trick … I’ll try it out at the next old lady outing.

  • My daughter must have learned magic tricks from the same card trick school.

  • Awesome, is he available for birthday parties?