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Lincoln’s Morning

linc close 
"Does making pancakes from scratch mean you have to stir it longer?"

"Is the snow bear…you know, the white one, what’s it called again?  is it the biggest?  I think it is the biggest bear, but is the grizzly bear the next biggest?  And do they live in trees?  Not the white one, but the grizzly.  And not up in the tree, but do they live INSIDE the tree?"  (that was one question,  BREATHE BOY!)

"Did Grandma look the same when she was your mom?"

"Is the smallest pancake the best one?"

(Luca grabs the smallest pancake)

"Is the biggest pancake the best?"

(Luca then grabs the biggest pancake)

"Is the TWO pancake the best?"

(he grabs an average sized pancake)

"This is the TWOEST pancake of all!  I got the most two pancake!  It’s not the smallest or the biggest…just the twoest.  YES!"

  • I don’t know how he comes up with all his questions? I like that “twoest pancake” … very ingenious and a good way to make him happy not having the biggest or smallest. He’s pretty smart!

  • Sus

    awesome – he’s compromising with himself! i posted yesterday on my kid’s queries, too. i think i could handle the pancake line of questioning. it’s when they get into sex and politics that i may have trouble. may that day be far off in our futures.

  • that is so cute!!
    do you do arrange marriages? haha

  • whim

    Andrea, Ha! I would totally do arranged marriages if I could get away with it! I think that would make life as a parent much easier!

  • I love his questions – if only we kept asking them as we get older. What a cute boy!

  • If you can bottle that cuteness, you just might get through the senile teen-age years.

  • ROFL!!!! So funny!!!! I love it!!!