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Love That Confidence

While watching me hula hoop on Wii Fit.

Lincoln:  Mom, at school in P.E. I can hula hoop with four hula hoops. Really, I can! I even showed my teacher. Well…I didn’t show her, but I told her I can do it. Well…I haven’t tried it yet, but I know I can. And I didn’t tell her yet, but I am going to the next time we have PE.


  • love it. love the hula hoop.

  • Ha! He takes after his Uncle Warren! When he was Lincoln’s age he gave a talk in primary. I asked him how it went and he said it was wonderful, the best talk ever said. I asked him if his teacher loved it and he said she loved it a lot. I asked waht she said … “Nothing, she was too overwhelmed.”

  • Jana

    That is great. This past weekend we went up to Logan to see Chelsey and her new addition. We went to the mall and were going to get Ashlyn’s ears pierced, but when we got there Ashlyn decided that she wanted to wait until her b-day. Hailey, who is not quite three climed up in the seat and said she wanted her ears pierced. As she was sitting there she looked at Ashlyn and said, “Is it because you are scared Ashy?” She is so brave. It was too cute.

  • I love that. So cute.
    Wish we could keep that confidence.

    ps. I tagged you if you want to play.