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Make Them Smile

My mom and I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese’s today. They ask to go almost every weekend, but the running joke at our house is that it gives me a headache (not a joke to me…it really does give me a headache) so we don’t go very often.

After attending the funeral of a little girl that lived in our community I came home wanting to do something to make my kids smile.


It worked.

Anna loved the ride that took pictures and of the 12 or so tokens she had to spend she spent nine of them there. She put all her pictures in a sandwich baggie when she got home and hid them in her pajama drawer. She finally relented and let me “borrow” one to scan.

I love that girl.

Thinking about Mara and her family makes me want to hold all the kids a little harder and a little longer. If you read through her website I am sure you will be touched in the same way.

  • I have been following this story and I wish I could’ve gone. I also wish I could’ve gotten a team shirt. I checked that blog everyday for updates and my heart is with that family.

  • I read Mara’s blog for the first time last night. I didn’t get much else done for awhile. It was a time for thinking, pondering and counting my blessings. I’m thankful to the family for their inspiring example during this time.

  • You know Akula showed me the blog a couple weeks back. I found myself avoiding more sadness because there is already so much in my life right now. But to hear she died, I did cry. But knowing what I know, I’m happy for the comfort that her family has from the Church. Also very grateful for my daughter’s health.

    Chuck E. Cheese- I hate that place too.

  • Jana

    What a beautiful little girl. I went to that site and read her story, and it realy does make your heart hurt. I think that is just in us as mothers. It makes the thought of possably loosing one of your own children real. It does make you want to hold your kids close, and make sure thay no how much we love them.

  • Maryanne

    What a tragic thing to happen to that family. It really makes you realize how completely precious each day is that we have with each of our children. Mara seems like such a sweet little girl who has a very strong and loving family.