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Making Crayon Cookies

I bribed the kids to clean the house today by telling them I had a fun craft we could do together.  They did a great job, so this is how we spent our afternoon.

I found this craft on a website months ago and I forgot about it until I noticed all the broken and short crayons in our crayon bucket.  I tried to find the website so I could credit it.  I didn’t find the same one, but there are many others out there with the same idea.

First collect all the broken, small, or paperless crayons you can find.

Then peel the paper off of those that need it.  This was the most time consuming part, and probably the thing the kids had the most fun with.

peeling crayons

Then let the kids have fun snapping the crayons into pieces.  You may have to do like I did and cut the ones that are harder to break.

broken crayons

Heat your oven to 300 degrees and then turn it off.

Then pick 2-3 contrasting colors and put them in each of the cups in a muffin tin, or mini muffin tins, like we used.  When we got to the last few cups the kids just grabbed handfuls of colors because they wanted some crazy crayons.  We could have filled our cups fuller, but I was worried about them spilling over.

crayons in tins

Put the trays in the oven and watch and wait.  I didn’t watch the time, but it took between 10-15 minutes for our crayons to melt.  Carefully take the tray out of the oven and let it sit until the crayons are partially set up.  It only takes a few minutes.

Then pop it in the freezer for twenty minutes or so.

out of the freezer

The crayon cookies should pop right out of the trays when they are hard. 

This is what we ended up with.

finished crayon cookies

Ours were a little fragile because I didn’t make them thick enough, but if you fill your muffin tins full they should be much more durable.

Then color away!

broken crayon cookie

all coloring

making a masterpiece

I think this project was as much fun for me as it was for them.  We will definitely be saving up our broken crayons so we can do this again.


  • What a great idea! I have lots of broken crayons around here. I’ll have to give that a shot, I’m sure the kids (my two youngest anyway) would love it!

  • What a good mommy to do such a fun craft. Your muffin tins don’t look very deep, are they regular sized?

  • whim

    Oh! I meant to mention that I used mini muffin tins. I will fix that in the post.

  • Cindy Larkin

    Great idea! I have so many crayons, that I was going to throw away. This will be a fun project for the kids.

  • whim

    Cindy, thank you for visiting my blog. It is fun to get comments from new visitors. I have enjoyed keeping up on your family through your blog…although, I need to “de-lurk” more often.

  • luka, the artist,, looks like she’s having fun.

    i remember hearing about this idea when i worked at a day care center during high school. does the wax come off your muffin tins ok? it seems like i heard it ruins them so that’s why i never did it. and what about the smell?

  • I was wondering about ruining the muffin tins too?
    I’ll have to save our crayons and try this. Maybe with some old tins.

  • I am definitely going to try this! Thanks!

  • whim

    Good question about the muffin tins. I used non-stick ones and the crayons popped right out like ice cubes. There were maybe four cups that had a little bit of wax on the side and it scraped right off with my fingernail. I washed them in really hot soapy water afterwards. That is just my experience with them though.

    I have read that you can do this in the small bathroom paper cups too. Just lay them out on a cookie sheet follow the same instructions and after they have been in the freezer the cup peels right off. I might try that next time.

    Oh, also. If you use washable crayons it will leave a thin layer of clear wax on the top. You can cut or scrape it off or use it for “secret code” writing. write with the clear side and then color over it with a color and the writing will appear. I think next time I will just make sure I don’t use any washable crayons because it frustrated my little ones when they tried to color and nothing happened.

  • Mikayla

    those look like yummy cookies! 😛