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Making Valentines

I love Valentine’s Day. I love pink and red and hearts and candy. I love flowers and butterflies and chocolate and the words “I love you”.

One of my favorites things to do each year is to make Valentines with my kids to give out to their classmates and friends. This year Luca wanted to make something with the hot glue gun and felt. I like simple. This is what we came up with.

Lu's Valentines

Luca and I cut out many many different sized felt hearts and then Luca had fun matching colors up and hot gluing them together. I sewed little safety pins to about ten hearts before I smartened up and used hot glue to attach the rest. We punched two holes in a strip of pink paper for her to sign and pinned the hearts on. Luca wore a pin she made to school so her classmates would know to take the pin off and pin it to their shirts. It was a lot of fun and Luca was very proud of herself! She had so much fun she made them for several other teachers at her school, her bus driver, the librarian….

Lincoln’s Valentines were born out of convenience and ended up being very darling and he had a lot of fun making them. We were sitting at a booth for the preschool I teach at and had many left over craft supplies so he killed his time by coloring puppy puppets. After he finished his fifth one my friend said, “you should use those for his Valentines for his class.” I was glad she thought of it because we were able to help him color a few and finish most of them that night. When I got home I printed out some bones for him to sign and glue in the dogs mouth. It was easy to find a printable template, through Google, to make his cute dog Valentine box.

Lincs Valentines

I didn’t get any pictures of the cute Valentines I made with Anna for her preschool class. I found this cute template on Skip to My Lou.  We printed the butterflies to cardstock, glued contrasting colored butterfly cut outs to the wings, and used Dum Dums suckers instead of Tootsie Pops. They were darling! 

I had a friend ask me why I would take so much time to make Valentines when there are so many cute ones you can buy at the store. Honestly, if my kids didn’t ask me what we were making each year I probably would just pick some up at the store, but once we get working on them I begin to enjoy the process just as much as they do. It is a fun activity for us to plan and work on together and I am already looking forward to next year!

  • Shantel

    You have such great ideas! I made the crayon cookies the other day they turned out good, but just so you know scripture marker crayons DON’T melt no matter how long you bake them!

  • We make them every year too – my girls wouldn’t dream of giving away store-bought Valentines. They have so much fun making their creations.

  • Those are so cute and great ideas.

  • Kel

    Those are so cute Kim!!! Every year I think I’d like to make valentines but I am such a procrastinator, I never do.

  • Lynae

    So cute and fun! What a great tradition. I’ll bet your kids will remember it forever.

  • Great ideas for Valentines! I bet the kids had a blast making them with you. It’s a fun tradition! Me, I bought some darling Valentine’s to send and give to grandchildren … but lost them. They may receive their valentine’s on April Fool’s Day at this rate.

  • We’re the parents who went to the store to get valentines. Feeling a load of guilt right now. But don’t worry about us. Hopefully, our kids won’t end up in the Big House.

  • Jana

    Holy Cow! You are way too creative, or should I say, ambitious then I am. Treighton and I made his box, and it turned out great, but I’m all for the store bought Valentines that all you have to do is put their names on it. 🙂

  • whim

    Jana, I am all for store bought too! It is Luca that pleads with me to help her make hers and then the other two want to do it that way too. I don’t always have the motivation to do it, but once we get going we have fun.

  • The box is really cute too–love the puppy!

  • Frannie’s preschool is a *little* militant about homemade stuff, so Valentine’s must be created (on recycled paper, if you really want to make a hit) at home or bust. Frannie & I did it, for the whole class and everyone else we know (I just let her go at it with markers and glue and scrap paper in the right color scheme – and I cut a bunch of hearts for her to use). I was going to chalk it up to just another load of crap from an over the top school, until she came home from her class party with a sack full of homemade Valentines, and they broke my heart, each and every one, they were so wonderful. I’ve eaten my words and will never go back: it’s homemade every year from now on for us! 🙂

  • whim

    Sus, I think that is great! I wish more kids made them at our school. We get a lot of duplicates and they get thrown out pretty quickly. When we do get a homemade one we hang it up and hang onto it for awhile. I saw the picture of the Valentine’s she made on your blog and they are PRECIOUS! So sweet.