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More Conversations From A Minivan

Anna: I am not going to grow up and be a mommy. There are so many people being mommies and I don’t want the whole world to be full up with them.

Me: Don’t you want to have a little baby of your own when you are big?

Anna: Oooohhh, yes! I want to have a little baby that is just borned!

Me: You know that all little babies grow up to be kids, right?

Anna: (pause) Well. Okay. But I am not going to let my kid be trouble and get me a ticket.

  • ROFL! I love reading these!

  • I’m with her! Don’t let those kids be trouble and get you tickets!

  • Maryanne

    Don’t the funniest things come from the back seat of a minivan? I have to bite my lip so often as I listen to my kids silly conversations as we are driving around in ours!

  • Too funny & priceless! So glad you’re taking the time to document these moments.