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“My Grandfather’s Clock

I can’t believe my sister knew the song that goes to this clock.

toy clock

I searched for it on YouTube and I liked this instrumental version.


My sister reminded me that my cousin Denise read words from this song at my grandpa’s funeral.  I will definitely be getting one of the clocks the next time I am at Target.

  • This song sure reminds me of Dad and when he passed away. Did you know their clock stopped ticking right then too, just like the song? Although it has ticked since … it is battery operated. I have it now.

  • Angi

    I hadn’t heard the song in a while. I liked hearing it. I sang it to Ande for bedtime last night. She loved the part when I sang, “but it stopped. short. never to go again, when the old man died” I was patting her bum to the beat and she didn’t want me to stop. thanks for posting the song Kimi…love you. (I’m working on starting a blog, I’m trying to get it)

  • My older brother had one of these and we all played with it. He still has it. Funny though, that song did not sound at all familiar to me. 🙂
    That’s awesome that they are making them again. I would have loved to have gotten one for my kids when they were little tiny.