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My New Music Addiction – Pandora

Brett introduced me to Pandora yesterday and I am totally hooked!  You type in an artist you like or a genre of music and it starts a "radio station" for you with that artist and other similar artists.  You can skip ahead if you don’t like the song that is playing, but I haven’t run into that problem yet.  You can also pause, but you can’t go back and it doesn’t save your play list from what I can tell…although it does save the "station".

I was in a mellow mood yesterday and typed in "Josh Grobin" as the artist and had a play list of beautiful soothing music to listen to all afternoon.  Today I tried "Jill Sobule" and loved the music it put together for me.  I had it playing all day.  I just tried "Alison Krauss" and I am sure I will love that one as well.  I think tomorrow I will try to get a good up tempo one started.  Definitely going to try "Jack Johnson".  Love this!


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  • It’s so great to hear you’re already hooked on Pandora!

    If you like, you can “bookmark” songs and artist names to keep track of them for later (just click on the album art to do so). Then you can buy CDs or songs from your bookmark list, or even print out your list to bring to the record store!

    – Lucia, from

  • whim

    Great! Thanks for the tip. I will definitely start doing that now. I have already found several new artists I love.

  • Since you enjoyed Jill Sobule, I think you will find her even more charming, funny and touching live. Her intros to the songs are wonderful. An hour and a half live show is at her web site for free;

    If you want to chat with her or read what’s on her mind she has a blog;

  • whim

    Cool! Thank you Vincent.