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My Science Minded Boy

Lincoln:  Mom, will all the nothing always be nothing or will it be something someday?

Me:  What “nothing” are you talking about?

Lincoln:  You know.  All this nothing all around us *wildly flings arms around him*…will it be something someday?

Me:  You mean…the air?

Lincoln:  I guess.  Just the nothing.



(more silence)

Me:  Wanna call and ask dad?!

lincoln mud

Lincoln studying mud

  • I love how Lincoln is curious about the world around him and won’t accept simple answers. He wants more than simple stories. He wants to understand the world.

  • I love that about Lincoln too … He doesn’t like simple answers. He has a scientific curiosity about the world and can’t fill his head with answers fast enough.

  • Maryanne

    I love this! You can tell that Lincoln’s mind is always churning!

  • Children are so much more aware of things than we are… so much more conscious. If you’ve never read “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle (an Oprah best book), you will find great insight there. It explained so much to me about living life consciously. Very fascinating. It also talked about the nothingness that maybe Lincoln is talking about. What a kid!

  • whim

    Cindy, thank you for the recommendation. I will definitely put it on reserve at the library and check it out.

  • hehehehe, that gave me a good giggle. love your response. 🙂

  • This made me laugh out loud. Those kind of stories will stay with you forever.