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Nobody Has Me Wrapped Around Their Little Finger

(to self)

“Do not go up and put his binky in his mouth.  Do not go up and put his binky in his mouth.  Don’t do it!  Don’t!”

kai cry

“Wanna binky!  Does baby want a binky!” (finger wag, goofy smile, and silly mommy voice included)


Could you say no?!

kai 4

On a side note…baby could also use a real crib.  He’s not getting any smaller!

kai 3

  • This made me laugh. I know I couldn’t have resisted his charm even if he was throwing a fit to get his binky. He’s getting so big I can’t stand it! I HAVE to get up there NOW!

  • Are you kidding? Playpens are the best! That way babies will sleep anywhere. What a cutie!

  • He’s so cute Kim! How could you resist!!

  • Cute cute pictures!! Your kids sound like such a delight! I can’t wait for those days to stuff like that with my own kids! Love your blog!!

  • Sus

    Oh, he’s darling. Give him his darn binkie already and consider yourself schnookered. 🙂