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Not Sure We Are Making Any Progress Here…

I have been fishing a little this week to find out what the kids want for Christmas.

Me: Lincoln, what are you going to ask Santa for this year?

Lincoln: Ohhh, I don’t know. Maybe a rocket ship that I can go inside and play games in and stuff.

Me: Oh. And if he can’t get you that what would you want?

Lincoln: A Zelda ice cream maker.

Me: Anna! What about you? What are you going to ask for?

Anna: A Halloween costume for next year.

Me: Oh. Okay. And Luca?

Luca: A sewing machine.

Me: Oh, that would be neat!

Luca: But mom…what do you do with a sewing machine?


  • When I fish around, most of my kids kind of hem and haw. They should all be like my son who treats his Santa list like a religious document. It’s when he started putting Volume I, then I knew I was in trouble.

  • Well at least she knows it’s a girl thing! I saw the cutest truck at Costco today that Kai would love. It’s a big plastic yellow one full of blocks

  • Sus

    LOL. Thankfully, Frannie is still at the age where anything we suggest seeps into her consciousness and the next day THAT’s what she’s asking Santa for Christmas. Look out next year when she has her own ideas.

    You should get a refrigerator box and make a rocket with a door and window and controls. It would be free and a HUGE hit. 🙂