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Not Worth The Savings

I learned a lesson this week. For the fourth time.


I was just trying to save a little money. The Walgreens brand diapers were buy one, get one free! I could get two bags of diapers for $5 less than one bag of the brand of diapers I usually get.

I am sorry Kai.

kai rash

I know it itches and you can’t stand to keep your hands off of it even long enough for me to snap a picture.


But thank you for having such a great attitude about it and giving me such a great shot of your tooth.

happy kai

I vow from now until the time you get your first package of big boy boxer/briefs that I will only buy Pampers or Huggies.

I tried Wal-Mart’s generic diapers with Luca and she leaked on EVERY diaper and broke out in a terrible rash.

I don’t remember which store brand I tried with Lincoln, but I do remember the bleeding blisters that came along with his rash.

I tried Luv’s with Anna and they leaked everywhere a couple of times a day. I had to change them so often I didn’t save a dime by not buying Pampers.

Brett brought home Luv’s for Kai a few weeks ago and every morning diaper had leaked onto his jammies and sheets. He didn’t get a rash, but again, we didn’t save any money because I had to change him so often.

I will be taking back one full bag of the Walgreen’s diapers and throwing out 3/4 of the other bag.


  • Poor little guy. He’s been pretty good natured about it, too, even with all his scratching and squirming. That little bottom tooth of his is a dangerous weapon when he gets affectionate and smothers your face with kisses! It’s a sharp as a vegetable peeler!

  • Ooh! Good tip, thanks! I’ll definitely remember that! Poor kid! Hope he’s feeling better soon!

  • whim

    Stacy, it doesn’t hurt to try, but buy the smallest bag the first time you do! My kids have very sensitive skin and I do have friends who have successfully used the cheaper brands so I know it can be done.