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Nothing Like A Visit With the Nordquists To Deflate Ones Self-Esteem

Our home teachers (two monthly visitors from our church) might think twice about setting another appointment with us.

Last time they came Lincoln asked one of them, “Why do you have all that hair on your arms, but none on your head?”

Tonight Anna asked the same one, “Why are you bald and you aren’t even a baby?”

Good thing he has a sense of humor and seems to enjoy the kids in spite of their abuse.

  • Glad I could be there to share in the fun. Even more glad the questions weren’t directed at me. I’m glad I can say that if I were bald, it would be by choice and not by nature.

  • Kel

    Haha, Bro. Salsa has a good sense of humor. And his kids are just the same.

  • Actually, you don’t even need to visit the Nordquists….just invite them over. On Thanksgiving Anna said to me, “Why do you have girl hair?” At least she can’t pressure me to cut it….like my last boss 😉 I told her I’m like Samson and God told me not to cut it or I would lose all my strength. Or at least I would have told her that had I thought of it quick enough…obviously my wit does not match the length of my hair.

  • Jana

    LOL!!! Thant is too funny. Children are so honest. I doubt that he minded. Plus your kids are cute, how could you even get offended?

  • That is hilarious! Nothing like the honesty of a child.