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One Cool Kid


Lincoln:  “Mom, how do you be cool?”

Mom:  “Uh…what kind of cool do you mean?”

Lincoln:  “Like awesome cool.  How do you be awesome cool?”

Mom:  “Hmmm, well…one way is to be very nice to your friends, because people think nice people are cool.” (I don’t know!  Better than, “run faster than your friends!”)

Lincoln:  “Can you be cool by just being yourself?”


Mom:  “Yes, Lincoln.  That is exactly what you do.”

  • In my opinion Lincoln is one of the coolest kids I know! I love you Lincoln!
    Grandma Henke

  • That’s awesome!!

  • Sus

    That is perfect. Pray that he always remembers that! You must be a great mom that he can even come up with it.

    Thanks for the comment at my place.

  • I love it! He is so cute ( I mean handsome) and definitely an awesome cool boy!