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Our Halloween Stylist

One year my brother Ryan and I each won first place for our age groups at our church Halloween party. It was 1983.

ry kim halloween

Doesn’t Ryan make a cute little old lady? He even walked the walk and talked the talk.

I am not sure what I am supposed to be. I just remember my mom pulling out the old suitcases full of dress up clothes and getting tied and wrapped up until she decided I was done. Mom always knew how to pull together a great last minute Halloween costume. I could use her this year for my kids.

My dad also dressed up as a little old lady that year. I am pretty sure it wasn’t his idea. He really loves my mom. I think the moustache really gives the costume a nice touch.

1983 10 31 Ryan Lynn Kimi

I asked Brett if he loves me enough to dress up like a little old lady for Halloween and he laughed. I won’t push it.

What were your most memorable Halloween costumes as a kid? If you post, or have posted, a picture on your blog link to the post in my comments so I can come laugh at you too.


  • Your brother looks amazing! Mr. O once dressed up as a very non “P.C.” old lady (black face and everything)

    Your legs look a mile long – I love the colorful costume.

  • Hi…Love the costumes!!! The mustache is a perfect touch..

  • I love those pictures … Those days were fun.

  • LOL! Your Dad actually looks like the “Big Bad Wolf” dressed up like “Granny” in that picture. So funny.

  • Ry

    Great memories! Way to dig up a classic! This year I’m dressing up for the first time in quite a few years….I’ll be a disco dancer in a white suit with an afro. Those sure were fun times whimmers!