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Get It Right!

"Lincoln, do you want to go play on the playground while Luca has soccer practice?"

"Ya.  But I have never done it right when I go.  Never.  One time I bumped my head.  Another time my tummy hurt.  Two times I was so cold.  Another time a girl kept hitting me.  Once I was sick.  I have NEVER got it right."

Here is the poor boy at one of Luca’s soccer practices.  Doesn’t he look miserable?


It Is The New Me. For Today Anyway.

Brett just called me "feisty" (thanks spell check.  I thought that i and e might be mixed up). 

I might have to not get dressed all day and be all sarcastic and sassy more often. 

Getting called feisty makes me feel young(er) again.

Seattle Slime

Hey Seattlites!  Just some advice.  If it is still in the rainy season and you go to put on a helmet that got left outside…look inside it first.

Little girls (and probably anyone, but my experience is with little girls) don’t like squished snails…cracked shell, slime and all…in their hair.

Oh, and the slime doesn’t come out with a wet wipe either.  You actually have to submerge the whole head of hair in water and let it soak and then shampoo it out.  Twice.


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Why Didn’t You Come Over YESTERDAY?!

I had a really great start to my week. 

I got up early each morning and didn’t even lay down on the couch.  Not even for Oprah.  I went to be earlyish (11:30pm)…twice…which is also impressive if you know me.

I tried out three new recipes just so I could use up some fresh ingredients and they all turned out really good…AND they were healthy.

I scrubbed my bathrooms and cleaned my floors and organized various spaces.

I tended one of Lincoln’s friends on a couple of the days because his mom was out of town.

I did three good butt-kicking workouts!

I washed all the bedding and all the other laundry is caught up.

We have eaten at home all week.

I have played "Where the Wild Things Are" UNO, pickup sticks, Blink, colored with crayons, and even played with Polly Pockets.

We have had three soccer practices in the cold, two of which all four kids went along.

I even made laundry soap!

Well, it all came crashing to a halt today when I woke up this mornings and….it was gone.  The energy.  The drive.  The motivation. Nowhere to be found.

All I wanted to do was SLEEP.

Soooo….I stayed in my pajamas.  I didn’t even brush my hair.  I just put my it in a ponytail and brushed my teeth.  That was the extent of my getting ready today.

The one year old I tend for a few hours in the mornings came over.  I shut the door to the family room, dumped a bucket of toys on the floor, turned on Dora the Explorer, and laid on the couch.  I still interacted and played…but only from a horizontal position.  Anna retrieved various items and ran errands for me for the next two and a half hours (blush).  Kai napped.  I caught up on the latest episodes of The Backyardigans, Dora, and The Wonder Pets.  Life was good.

But I was still tired.

Soooo….I finally hauled the crew upstairs for some lunch and to wait for my friend to pick up the baby.  Nope.  Her husband did.  He has seen my in my sweats/jammies before, but it is a little more humiliating at 12:30pm.

So, a half hour later my kids are running back and forth playing with the neighbor kids through the back gate.  I decide to sneak back there and round them up.  I poke my head through the gate and call them over and as they slip through the gate I try to quietly close it without drawing any attention.


I had been spotted.

So I chat with my friend/neighbor for a few minutes.  She has seen me many times in my grubby morning splendor so I am mostly okay with it, even though she was looking all cute, as always.

Then another head pops up over the gate.

It’s Mr. B.  One of the kids preschool teachers.

No need to bother getting dressed by this point.

Anybody else want to come over and see me before I get in the shower?!  I have a really glamorous shine to my forehead and there is a part of my bangs that won’t stay in the ponytail and so it sticks up and out at an unnatural angle.  I will even stay in my baggy grey sweat pants and fifteen year old blue and green plaid oversized sweatshirt just for you!

Nope.  You lost your chance to see me all dressed and with makeup…unless you would have come during my workout and I could have said, "Oh, don’t mind the sweat.  I’m just working out."…that would have been okay too.

You missed the chance to come over when my house smelled like fresh baked muffins and Pledge and fabric softener and there was not a single crumb on my floors (k, so that might be stretching it).

When my energy returns I will take a picture and then when you do come over on my next day like today…because that is when everyone comes…I can show you what you missed.


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Another Deep Question From Lincoln

"Mom, if you pinch yourself forever will you die?"

Sometimes, I Can Relate

I was sitting at my computer today relaxing and killing time.  The house was quiet.  We were all having a little downtime.  When a high shrill shriek pierced the air from the next room…


Then all was silent once again.

Just Because I Felt Like It…

I made my first batch of homemade laundry soap tonight.  It was very easy.  Finding the main three ingredients (Twenty Mule Borax, Washing Soda, and Fels Naptha soap) was the hardest part.

I cut the recipe in half so I would just have a small batch to test.

I will post the recipe and my thoughts on it after I have used it for a few days.


Because The Night Belongs To Mothers (isn’t that how the song goes?)

Finally!  Some validation!

Being a night person has caused me a lot of guilt many many times in my life so I loved reading this article. 

I have always felt like we all have our times of that day that we are the most on top of our game and the most productive.  I have tried many times in my life to switch my schedule to be a morning person, but it is just not how I am wired.

Having children has made me slightly alter my schedule so I can deal with mornings, but I still love late nights and I tend to get the most done between dinnertime and bedtime…whenever that might be.


Cupcake Mania

y1pmSlipLX0HNicvC0nq-FolexwZkLln77oZppZkNVf7Ye54M-1HCLoi63ujyHO8xxb5uUNrN2mksY We went to some friends house for dinner Friday night.  They are friends that we totally love to hang out with, but end up seeing only about once a year because we live a whopping hour away.  Actually, it is more because we each have four kids and so a combined total of scheduling for ten people…but we always swear it will not be as long the next time.

So, point of the story is I always have to warn Brett before we go over there that after we leave he can’t be be "raising the bar" for his own home cooked meals.  Shae is rather gifted in the cooking department and…well…I have already mentioned in another post my lack thereof.

So we had a beautiful meal and great conversation and then she brought out the cupcakes (those two at the top of her post…had em).  Un.Be.Lievable.  She can even make cupcakes that I would pay a fortune for to take to my kids classroom and pass off as my own.  So we had a little chat about how she should be making a business out of this little…can we say…cupcake obsession!

So if you are in the Seattle area and want to blow all the cupcakes of the other mom’s in your kids classroom out of the water…contact me…or her (from her blog).  You will be your kids favorite mom if you get them Shae’s cupcakes.  And your husband’s favorite wife.  I know this.

By the way, this is her other talent that leaves me feeling a little inadequate in the Martha Stewart department.

(oh, and this is what she did when she was just starting this new hobby!)

(AND!  I totally stole that picture from your blog Shae, but you go to bed too early and so I couldn’t IM you to see if it was okay.)


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First Solids and First Night In Own Room

About three weeks ago and Kai’s four month checkup the doctor told me he was thriving and growing right on track and there was no need to start rice cereal for another two months.

So we started rice cereal last week and it has gone wonderfully!  I am sleeping for more than three hours at a time for the first time in months.  He loves it so much when he sees the spoon he growls at it and then dives madly for it.  I even made it a little thicker than I meant to the first time and he didn’t gag once. 

Next…meat and potatoes!

This is one Momma that really appreciates her doctor, but also appreciates her instinct (and HER Momma’s instinct) and is loving the extra two hours of sleep she has picked up at night.

He also has been sleeping in Lincoln’s room for the past five nights.  That is a little tough for me.  Knowing he is most likely my last one and I have had my last infant sleeping next to my bedside in a bassinet.  I haven’t moved the bassinet yet.  It stays there empty by my bed.  Okay…so it isn’t "empty".  It is filled with clean baby blankets and burp rags and probably a couple of Anna’s dirty socks…but there is not a warm little body in it anymore!

I will move it when I am good and ready!

Check out this baldie.  Not sure if the hair is falling out or the head is just outgrowing it.