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Picking Favorites

I would never say one of my kids is my favorite, of course, but I have to say each of my kids are my favorite for different things.

DSC_0974 Anna is my favorite kid to nap with.  If I lay down for a Sunday nap I can always count on a little warm body climbing up in my bed before long and curling up against my back.  She falls asleep fast, she is quiet, she doesn’t move much in her sleep, and she is like a little hot pad on my sore back.  She is also my favorite to cook for because she will pretty much eat whatever we are having and not complain about it.

DSC_0980 Lincoln is my favorite kid to philosophize with.  He has an interesting take on life and he likes to sit and discuss why we are here, where we came from, where we are going, and everything in between.  He is also my favorite to watch a show with because he will sit and rub my feet the entire show if I say my feet hurt.   

DSC_0967 Luca is my favorite kid to play games with.  She is really good at card games and we can play games that are challenging for both of us.  She is also my favorite to organize with because she isn’t afraid to throw things out and we love to sit and chat and go through everything in a closet.

  • Darling pictures and darling kids! I can’t wait to see them in 4 weeks!

  • These are three awesome kids. I can’t wait to see them in 4 weeks!

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  • Sandi Henke

    That’s soooo sweet Kimi 🙂