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Playing in the Rain

I told the kids they could go play outside rain or shine if they cleaned the house.  Shine?  This is Seattle.  There is no shine here.  That means I just promised they could go play in the mud.

I have mixed emotions about them cleaning with gusto! 

Nothing makes a kid happier than playing in the mud, and happy kids make a happy momma, so I have decided it is a good thing!


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  • We lived in Seattle for a few years so I know what you mean about the lack of shine. Mud and children? Like magnets. Good luck with that.

    P.S. You can come to dinner anytime the husband cooks. When I cook? Not so fancy. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  • So the kids clean the house, then go out and get muddy, so that you can clean up again after them. Yep, sounds just like me. 😀