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Political Discussions From A Minivan

(Driving home with Lincoln and his friend Emma. They are both five.)

Emma: Kim, who are you voting for?

Me: What?! Uhhh….Hmmm…..

Lincoln: I am voting for Obama!

Emma: Me too. I am voting for Obama too…if my mom says it is okay to change my mind.

Lincoln and Emma

Me: Lincoln, why are you voting for Obama.

Lincoln: I don’t know. I guess because he likes chili.

Emma: Ya, and tacos are Cain’s favorite food.

Me: Well now. That changes everything.

  • Well that settles it then. Thanks, Lincoln. Any man who likes chili will be an OK president in my book.

  • Mmmmm taco’s …. man, is it okay to add chips to the chilli? This is so funny and cute.

  • My Daughter asked me this last week in the car while I was driving. I was very hesitant to answer.

    I want to be open in our family about things like politics but my kids attend school in a very conservative school in a conservative part of the world. I have overheard kids (9 year olds) saying things like “McCain has to win for the sake of the troops”.

    The idea of my 9 year old facing off in a political discussion she is not equipped for (nor am I as I am voting based on the chili / taco issues only) against other 9 year olds whom certainly are not equipped for is a scary thought to me.

    I eventually talked to her about it asking her not to talk about it in school.

    Being a parent is fun.

  • Jana

    LOL! From the minds of children. Treighton was just so happy that Hillary wasn’t going to be running. When he heard that she was considering school on Saturday’s he was very disgruntled.

  • That’s funny. My daughter refers to O-bama and O-kain. I think I’d vote chili over tacos, too.

  • I actually have a cousin named CAIN. And I knew a women who named one of her boys Cain and the other Damien. [Shaking my head.]

    I have never had chili. NEVER.

  • whim

    Natasha, I can’t believe you have never had chili! It is one of the first things we had to stock up on for our food storage.