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Racko, An Old Favorite


Racko was one of my very favorite games as a kid so when I saw it at Uncle’s Games over the weekend I had to get it. 

(total rip off at Amazon at $13.99, but with the almost $8 shipping on the Uncle’s website it is also a rip-off…maybe Target has it?)

It says it is for ages 8+, but my seven year old Luca had no problem picking up on it and I am going to see if Lincoln (5 years old) is able to play it.

The point of the game is to get your ten cards in numerical order by drawing or taking from the discard pile and swapping with a card that you have…pretty simple.  The newer game also adds "action" cards (swap a card with another player, swap two of one of your opponents card, etc.) and has added card numbers 41-60.  You can remove the action cards if you want a quicker or simpler game for little ones.

I look forward to teaching my younger kids to play.  I think it will be great for learning numbers, order, and critical thinking.


  • The action cards sound pretty fun. This is also one of my favorite games and we have one in our trailer to play when we go camping.

  • Love that game. We would always play when camping too.
    I didn’t know there was a new version. Sounds fun.