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Ready For Round Two

We have been home for four days and I am ready to head back for another week of this:


and this:


and this: (this is only one of three awesome kites we have!)


And I am sure there will be more messages for Brett:



And more lantern lit goodnight self portrait pictures with the girls as we settle into our 8×8 vinyl lair.


Next time I will take the Nikon camera, but I was rather pleased with the quality of photos I was able to get on my iphone! (And this is with no editing. I am feeling too lazy to Photoshop tonight.)

Maybe a few more days of peaceful ocean sounds and late night games of Farkle with mom, dad, and the kids will help return my desire to blog. I have hardly blogged, journaled, or so much as written a shopping list for weeks now and I need some inspiration!

  • Those are fabulous photos nevermind that they're off a phone. Looks like a fun time.

  • grandmahenke

    We're ready when you are! The sun's shining today and we've added one more kite to the litter! Don't forget the sun block!

  • ihenpecked

    Your fans do need you to blog more. It's like a void in our lives

  • kel

    i'm so jealous kim!! i love washington's coast!!!