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Santa’s Bringing You What?!

Christmas Eve sitting around the living room enjoying the Christmas tree. Anna snuggled up under my arm with a look of total contentment on her face. The lights are dimmed. I am feeling peaceful and starting to drift off to sleep.

Anna: I am so happy. I have been a really good girl and I know Santa is going to bring me a bear maker because it is what I asked him for.

(sound of record scratching)

Me: Uhhh, you stay here. I will be back in a sec.

Ten seconds later

Me downstairs whispering into cell phone to Brett who is on his way home: *%$@!!! Stop at every Target on the way home until you find a bear maker thingy in the toy section!! Don’t even look at the price or stop to think about how stupid you think it is, just GET IT!!

(Thank goodness Santa pulled through because Anna HAS been a good girl.)

  • We are SO trying that trick next year! thanks Anna!

  • LOL on Anna, you, and Mikayla! Good answer Mikayla!

  • Cindy Larkin

    That is so funny! I especially love your comment to Brett, “Don’t even look at the price or stop to think about how stupid you think it is, just GET IT”. Bryce and I had issues with Christmas shopping this year, because everything the kids really wanted, he thought was stupid. I kept trying to remind him how he felt when he was a little boy, and asked for something he really wanted, but never got it. It worked for a few things. Maybe I should try that next year too! He would be too flustered and rushed to make any rational decisions. LOL

  • You are better parents than I. I would have made up a story about Santa going in for a quadruple bypass on Christmas Eve.

  • Jana

    LOL!!! That is great. I am glad that Anna got what she really wanted. Expecially if she has been a good girl. It sounds like you guy’s had a great Christmas.

  • I think when my girls are old enough (i.e. probably next year) I’m going to set a deadline for Christmas wishes. Stating that Santa will need all requests by Dec 1st in order to fill all of the little children’s wishes. I’m hoping that would help me avoid this situation. Of course this is coming from a Dad with just a few years experience. 🙂 I can always hope it will work, right?

  • whim

    Matt, I think that is a good rule. I am not usually worried about getting them everything they ask for (because it is usually too much), but it was the way she said it with such faith. She KNEW he was going to bring it for her because she had whispered it in his ear at the ward party. Too bad Santa didn’t step over and whisper it in my ear after she was done! Also, I had noticed earlier that day that her little pile of gifts seemed a lot smaller and I was already kind of worrying about that. Oh, the things we worry about as parents!

    It did make my day on Christmas when Anna sat down with a look of wonder after we had opened everything and said, “Wow Mom! Santa brought me everything I asked him to!” (which wasn’t much)