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Simple Cleaning

I decided to try cleaning my kitchen floor with vinegar and water and was surprised that it cleaned better than any store bought cleanser I have tried.   I used a half of a cup of vinegar in two liters of hot water. 

I had read that the vinegar smell only lasts until the floor dries and that was true.  But the vinegar smell on my hands lasted a couple of hours so I need to get a new mop so I don’t have to wash it on my hands and knees again.

The blog where I got the recipe said this mixture was good for tile, vinyl or laminate.  I think ours is laminate.  I thought it was hardwood when we moved in, but I had only seen pictures.  Darnit.  Anyway, it cleaned it great and left with just the right amount of shine.  My swifter mop often left it looking kind of….glossy, I guess…and I was never totally happy with it.

Oh, and cleaning with vinegar actually leaves things smelling really fresh…in a non chemical kind of way. 


  • Thanks for the recipes, Whim. I want to try all of them. I just barely spent $200 on cleaning supplies so it will be a few weeks, hehe.

  • Thanks for that link. The recipes look great. I want to try some.
    I have been using peroxide and hot water on my floors and I also spray my viengar/ water window cleaner around the toilet (boys and toilets just do’t get along.)
    I also use vinegar in my laundry. I put it in a downy ball to cut the yucky water smell the boys clothes when they play in the rain. I never had that problem in AZ. 🙂

  • I”m going to try this and the laundry soap – (I’d like to be able to use my dryer lint in composting, but htat means no dryer sheets)

  • greenclean

    I love cleaning with vinegar. Once i realized how well it removed soap scum and lime scale from shower, i began to weed out commercial brand cleaners. I now do the majority of my cleaning with vinegar and i intergate rubbing alcohol and peroxide when needed.