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Slowly Increasing My Domesticity


I have had a busy but fun week learning how to bottle. We now have blueberry jam, salsa, and tomatoes. I am hoping to get a few jars of pickles, peaches and pears in before our trip to California next month.

When I was growing up my friend Jana’s mom bottled the best pickles every year. Jana would ask me what I wanted for my birthday and I would say, “a bottle of pickles!”

It is about time I learned how to make my own.

  • They are beautiful bottles! I always felt such a satisfaction when I could see the fruits of my labor lined up on my shelves. You’ve inspired me to make Grandma Babcock’s Chilli Sauce!

  • LOL! I hated my Mom’s pickles! You could’ve had every last jar as far as I am concerned.

  • whim

    That is funny that you didn’t like them. Rayna and I were addicted to them. I think she always asked for a jar for her birthday too.

  • Meagan

    Your food looks wonderful! It is kind of addicting, isn’t it? I never thought that canning would be so fun and–dare I say it–even a little bit exciting.

    I noticed in your sidebar that you are reading “Because of Winn-Dixie.” I LOVED the movie that came out a few years ago. Matt and I went to see it in the theater, mostly because Dave Matthews has a little part in it and we are huge fans of his, and I was surprised at how much I liked it. Have you seen the movie too? Is the book better than the movie? I’ll have to get it from the library if it is worth reading too.

  • whim

    I haven’t seen the movie, but I want to! The book was simple, sweet, and touching. I love all of her books that I have read. Next on my list is “The Tale of Desperaux”.

  • Leesa

    The salsa looks SO good! I am supposed to make that this year also. So thanks Kim and Michele fo rthe recipe!

    Can’t wait till blackberry season!!

  • When & where *do* we find blackberries? I want to make some jam. 🙂