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Some Things That I Miss…

Brett blogged about what he misses working downtown so I thought I would add my thoughts to his.

It has been nine years since I worked and lived downtown and I still miss so many things about it.

I miss the Union Deli (we called it the 4th Floor Deli) in the Puget Sound Plaza, the office building across the street from where I worked.  I only knew about it because the company I worked for managed the building.  The special of the day could be sweet and sour chicken…or roast and mashed potatoes.  We never knew and that was part of the fun.  The owner knew my name and knew my three favorite foods to get there.  A BLT on homemade sourdough bread, veggie soup, or a salad with ranch and a scoop of hot rice on top.


I miss shopping during my lunch break.  Nordstrom, The Bon (Macy’s), Pike’s Market, The Magic Mouse Toy Store, City Kitchens, and many more…all within blocks of my work.

I miss people watching.  I would get a hot chocolate and pick a bench and people watch for an hour or so.  It is not as interesting in Auburn.

Street Music

Street musicians.  I loved to get my lunch and stand around on the sidewalks listening to the musicians.  I would go to Westlake in the summer where they would have lunchtime concerts with local bands. 

Walking home from work…especially at Christmastime when all the decorations were up.  I loved to walk out of Rainier Tower and see the 5th Ave Theater all lit up and white lights twinkling on all the trees lining the blocks.

Walking downtown late at night (usually in the rain) to get a hot chocolate or go to a show with Brett…on a weekday.

  • I miss Farmer’s Market and the singers! Next time I am up we’ll have to spend a day down there on the piers.

  • I have to admit this reminded me of a memory I have of you!!
    Uncle Lynn, Aunt Edna and you had all come to our house in NM, and right by our drive way there was really tall walnut tree that dropped walnuts all over the place. When you guys drove up the walnuts cracked and popped so loud that everyone in your car jumped out to check the tires ( I guess Uncle Lynn thought that they had popped). Anyways I thought that you looked like my skipper doll (that was a compliment in my mind), I think I was like 8.

  • whim

    That is so funny Shantel! I had forgotten about that. Well, I remember that you and Trisha were so cute and funny and you guys made me want little sisters so much. I mean…your little brothers were cute too, of course, but I had three brothers and I wanted more sisters!

    The two times I stayed at Grandma and Grandpas while my parents went to Phoenix and Texas are two of my funnest vacation memories I have as a kid. I thought your house was the funnest place on earth. The trailer full of candy and goodies may have played a small role in that opinion….