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Somebody Stop Me

I have had so much I could blog about this week I have found myself frozen when I sit to write. I don’t like feeling behind or overwhelmed.

I started the week turning these:


Into these:


I ended up with 17 quarts of pear chunks. We also ate a dozen or so fresh pears throughout the week and I made four quart freezer bags full of frozen cubes of pureed pears to mix with oatmeal for Kai. Not bad for $22 worth of pears. I think. I don’t really know because it was my first time, but I know it is a lot less than I would have paid at the grocery store and they were better tasting. It was also fun, which was unexpected.

  • I can’t believe how much you got done this week. I slacked off and wasn’t much help because I had to watch the DNC and RNC. My only contribution was peeling the pears. I’ll do better next time.

  • They look delicious! Let’s make a deal – I’ll grow it and you can it.

  • Meagan

    You have been busy! Canning is fun, isn’t it? I never would have guessed! There is a definite sense of accomplishment, seeing all those pretty jars lined up full of yummy, healthy food for your family. I am getting totally addicted to it.

  • They look beautiful and delicious! Next year maybe I’ll be there during canning season and can help you!

  • Maryanne

    I can’t believe you bottled pears! They are SO much work. You go girl!! Our pear tree is packed and almost ready to pick. I think I am going to make a bunch of fruit leather from them this year. I haven’t recovered from canning them last year 😉

  • whim

    Maryanne – I was not looking forward to doing them at all because my mom and a couple friends had told me how hard they were to do. I must have done them at just the right time because they peeled so easily and it didn’t take very long at all. I used a potato peeler to peel them and I got the centers out with a melon baller and it wasn’t that bad

    Fruit leather sounds great!

    Meagan – Are you doing applesauce this week?

  • They look great. Are you buying them from a local grower?

  • whim

    Jeff – Yes, several people from my church got together to buy in bulk from local farmers on several things this year. We were able to get much better deals and get organic or nearly organic produce. They just did an order for several kinds of apples, peaches and pears again, green beans, corn on the cobb, two varieties of tomatoes, and grapes. Unfortunately, we will be out of town so I wasn’t able to participate in the order.

  • Kim – it wasn’t that bad because it’s the first fruit you’re canning. LOL! Once you’ve blanched peaches and had the skins fall off – you don’t EVER want to use a potato peeler again. 🙂

    We had a pear tree in Missouri that was always loaded – but it was an odd variety of pear, so after canning them one year & having them turn out “crunchy”… I didn’t do it again. Then I tried pear sauce/puree and no one ate it. So… we ate them fresh & let them go. Sad!

    But anyway! You rock!