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Sorry For Trespassing. Must. Smell. Lilacs.

We went for a little ride tonight before the kids went to bed.  When we got home it was dark out and as we stepped out of the van we were hit with the smell of spring.

So we grabbed the kids and snuck into the neighbors yard by the light of the full moon to smell these.  They smell heavenly.  I told Brett I want to wash our sheets and hang them to dry next to this lilac tree.


We are going to go looking for a lilac bush this week and figure out a place to plant it.  Even if we have to rip something else out…because lilacs take priority over almost anything else that we might find growing in our yard.

  • Those are pretty lilacs … my very favorite too. Our lilacs have long gone this season but we had the best we’ve ever had this year and there are so many bushes that the whole yard smelled heavenly. I can’t bring them in the house because my allergies get so bad … I wanted to go bury my face in them and breathe deep, but I didn’t dare.