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Sorry McDonald’s, You Are No Longer The Late Night Coke Run Destination Of Choice…

I am not sure how it took me three years to figure out that the best Diet Coke is right here in the town I live in. Mom and I discovered Frugal’s while she was here last month and I am hooked. It even beats McDonalds DC.

Oh, and they have hamburgers that are just as good as Burgermaster’s, only much cheaper! (but Burgermaster shakes are way superior)

They only take cash, so they always get a handful of change from us when we go. We now have a “Frugal’s” stash of cash in the van at all times.

  • I have two spots I go for my diet beverage, otherwise the taste is off and it isn’t worth it. We don’t have Frugal’s here, but it sure sounds good.

  • I have never been there but every time I go down to Joann’s I can smell that greasy goodness. 😀 I’ll have to try it some time.

  • Jana

    It’s always nice when you can find a great, close place to get you DC fix. My fix of choise is a smoothie from Inta Juice. They have one that I love, and I have tried my darndest to make it at home, but I’ve come to the conclusion that mine will never add up. I’ll just have to make the drive to get it, but boy is it worth it.

  • Mmmm that sounds good right now. I am sipping on a DC myself, but it is from a can poured over cubes … good but not the same as the ones we sip together from Frugal’s while we let the kids share french fries and we chat. Even the fries sound good now that I am thinking about them.

  • P.S. I am also savoring a filled raisin cookie that dad brought home from work last night from Lin’s Market. It is as good as I can ever remember.

  • whim

    Mom, I didn’t even know they still made raisin filled cookies! I remember you and grandma and grandpa would go to that little family bakery in the middle of town to get them when I was a kid. I hate to say that I never did love them, but if I were to find them now I would eat one in honor of you.

  • I’m so glad I know someone who’s been there now. I always have wondered about that place every time I go by there on the way to Game Farm Park or to the Skating Rink. Now I think i have more incentive to try it out sometime.

  • I miss late night coke/twix runs with ya whimmers….I bet you don’t! 😛

  • whim

    Ry – I do miss it! Those are some of my favorite times with you and mom. The late night rides and coke runs.