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Tagged Again!

It is fun to read what others write when they are tagged so hopefully someone will enjoy my answers.  Thanks Meag, for the tag!

10 Years Ago:

*  I was living the newly married life on Capital Hill in Seattle.  I worked downtown on the 35th floor in a fancy office (I was a small town girl, it was fancy to me), was able to travel once in awhile with Brett on his boondoggles, and I was having the time of my life.

5 Things On My To Do List:

*  Pick up the three books that are on hold for me at the library…Doh!  Make that two.  Today was the last day for pick up on one of them.

*  Plan my lesson for Relief Society. (That’s the women’s meeting at church, for those who aren’t Mormon)

*  Take crap, I mean used goods, to the Goodwill or the Deseret Industries (another Mormon thing).

*  Laundry (even though I did four loads today.  It is always on my list.)

*  Workout on treadmill (again, always on my list…not always checked off though)

5 Snacks That I Enjoy:

*  bean and cheese nachos

*  Meag’s cinnamon roll’s

*  Apples and peanut butter

*  granola cereal with bananas

*  sugar-free jello with whipped cream and cinnamon (no, the whipped cream is NOT sugar free)

…only 5?

5 Places I have Lived:

*  Ivins, UT

*  St. George, UT

*  Seattle, WA

*  Woodinville, WA

*  Auburn, WA

(there you have ALL of the places I have lived…besides my birthplace, which I don’t remember so it doesn’t count…and Ogden, Ut, because it was only for three months.)

What I Would Do If I Suddenly Became A Billionaire:

*  Build a dream home with a huge apartment over the second unattached garage for company…and hire one of my friends, like Shae, to decorate it for me, since I totally suck at it.

*  Help family members with their needs…and some wants of course

*  I like Meag’s idea to secretly buy dinner for families or couple’s whenever we go out to dinner so I am going to steal that.

*  Start an online business with Brett.

*  Invest enough to live comfortably for the rest of our lives, enough for my kids schooling and a decent cash wedding present, a significant savings account (not too outrageous though), and then donate the rest to various charities, because I think having that much money would be overwhelming and a burden.

5 Jobs I Have Had:

server/cleaner upper at a health spa

ice cream scooper and ice cream cake maker at Baskin Robbins (kinda contradicts the previous job)

night house parent at a crisis center for children

trainer(friend) at homes for adults with disabilities

co-manager for apartment building on crazy Capital Hill in Seattle

Services Coordinator at a business property management company

Property Assistant for a vendor company at Microsoft

Homemaker!  (I don’t care if that word isn’t politically correct)

okay, so that was more than 5…but I think that is every job I have had since I was 14, besides babysitting.

5 Things You May Not Know About Me:

*  I am a true night owl and always have been.  (it is 2am right now, in fact)

*  I don’t hate cooking, but I am not great at it.  I always mess up a recipe the first time I try it, because I am impatient.

*  When I was a kid I wanted to be a professional ice-skater when I grew up.  I grew up in the desert and I still have never put on a pair of ice-skates.

*  I like to socialize, but I am a total hermit and homebody by nature.

*  I sneak into my kids rooms every single night and hug them and smell their hair.  I have never missed a night that I was home and they were home.  Sometimes their hair DOES stink, but I would still never miss it.

Sooooo, I need to tag two people.  I want to tag people I haven’t tagged before so I pick Keli and one of my cute nieces, Aubree, so we can get a teenager’s perspective.  (I would love to see my Dad’s answers in my comments!)

  • What a fun meme! I grew up figuring skating in Canada but always dreamed of playing hockey…though my parents told me “nice little girls don’t play hockey with the boys.”

    Who said anything about being nice? 🙂

  • The new picture is adorable!!!! I love it.