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There Is A New Kindergartner In Town

We had a week full of open houses, orientations, and first days of school. Of course all the kids have had a different first day this week as their first day of school because we like things to be as hectic as they can possibly be around here.

I was trying to get Lincoln’s first day of school picture but he kept yelling, “Hey! it’s my first day of kindergarten! I am on my way to my first day of kindergarten!” to the neighbor who was walking down the street. He tried his best to keep his smile for the picture.

linc linc2

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Do you think that Lincoln was maybe a little excited to ride the bus for the first time? Do you think that Luca was maybe just a little excited for her little brother to be riding with her?


Lincoln giggled uncontrollably when he sat down in his seat on the bus.

The next day he very slowly walked down the stairs of the bus when I picked him up after school. He had a big frown on his face and he stopped on the bottom step and didn’t move.

“What’s wrong Lincoln? Did something happen at school today?” I asked.

“It was too short. I am not ready to be done yet. And I don’t even get to go back for two more days!” (sorry buddy, it is really three)

I can take the long face when he comes home if it means he loves it and can’t wait to go back.

  • What a happy, adorable boy. That is just precious. And the two of them on the bus! So cute. I had a hard time with the idea of my daughter riding the bus, but now I love it. She’s already talking about having her brother ride with her, but he’s 1 so she has a while to wait.

  • whim

    Heidi, I had a hard time with my first child riding the bus too. It was hard! I was told it was a female bus driver and I walked her down to the bus stop after lunch. We waited and she was nervous and clingy and I was nervous and clingy. The bus pulled up and the doors opened…it was a BIG guy with a bushy beard and mustache. He looked like a Hells Angel rider. There were only a couple other kids on the bus an I imagined this guy driving the kids right past the school to his secret hideout. The he gave us a big smile and said, “Hi! You must be Luca!” She got on the bus and everything was fine. He turned out to be a substitute and I felt bad for misjudging him. Now she loves the bus and sees it as her social time.

  • Meagan

    What a cutie! I’m glad he had so much fun at school. Hopefully he can keep that excitement up for at least the next 12 years or more! I too am nervous about Maddie riding the bus, but instead of being brave like you I am just driving her this year. Maybe next year she will ride it but this year I am not ready to let my baby go.

  • Believe it or not I can still feel the lump in my throat when MY first one rode the bus to Kindergarten. He was so short he had to climb up the stairs of it with his knees.

  • Jana

    Be happy that they want you to walk them to the bus stop. Treighton has never wanted me to do that. Every year I have to watch him ride off on his bike, like he’s all grown up, leaving me staring after him wondering were my little boy went. Every year I offer to drop him off at school, or walk him up to the bus stop, but he gives me a look like, ” Are you kidding, I’m big enough to do that myself.” It doesn’t get any easier, either. Dondi use to drive the kids back to their mothers on Sunday, after our weekend with the kids, but Ashley finaly decided it was time to get her driver licence, and that first Sunday they walk out our front door and all drove away, Dondi just stood there on the front porch. He turned and said saddly, ” My baby girl just drove off with both my other babies.” Who would have thought that parents cared so much about all these little things?

  • Maryanne

    Just wait a few years from now when Lincoln climbs into his car and drives himself to school! You’ll look back on his first school bus ride fondly, and swear that it was only last year. It goes by way too fast.

  • Oh I can’t imagine. Its kinda funny to look at you and your kids going off to school. I am in nursery and so my 20 month old doesn’t get left in there by herself often. I am glad when I get to leave her with others. Granted I leave her with family and friends I know very well. I surprised myself with how selective I am when it comes to choosing who and for how long I will let my daughter will be cared for by others. I plan on partially homeschooling because I want to be involved very heavily in their education. We’ll see if that happens. I may just insist on them letting me help them with home work. But for now Abi and I have started doing projects at home to get her skills developing for more structured schooling. She surprised me by how well she is responding to doing activities such as painting. They grow up so fast!

  • whim

    Meagan – I don’t blame you! I would be nervous too! It is hard enough sending a five year old, but Maddie seems so little to be going on a bus! I hope she is liking preschool so far.

    Amanda – It is so fun to watch them develop and learn new things. I remember finger painting for the first time with Luca and I loved every minute of it.

    Maryanne – I can’t even stand to think of Lincoln being old enough to drive! I know it will come quickly.

    Jana – That would be hard to let them go by themselves! I am very glad they haven’t caught on to the whole “mom is not cool” thing.

  • My little girl who rode the bus to kindergarten just got dropped off at college. I thin I’m the one who had the long face.

  • Oh, my gosh…that totally put a smile on my face!! How cute are they…

    You go girl with all that canning…starting peaches this week…such a rewarding feeling..they look delicious!

  • I’d say so! It feels so good when they like school.
    Your kids are DOLLS.