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Things Luca Has Started Doing This Summer


*  Making scrambled eggs all by herself, including getting supplies, heating pan, cracking and whipping eggs and dishing them up.  I am always no more than a room away and she has done great.

*  Making quesadillas and bean burritos by herself. (I just have to open the can of beans)

*  Watering the plants and flowers around the yard.

*  Making and serving a breakfast of frozen waffles with syrup or toast with butter and jam and applesauce or yogurt.

*  Bathing her four and five year old siblings, including shampoo and conditioner.

*  Getting the baby ready for bed or getting him dressed in the morning, including a diaper change.

*  Writing in her journal without prompting from me.

Luca has learned a lot this summer!  I better soak it up while she still likes to do all these things!  I think the next thing I will have to hand over to her is meal planning, writing a shopping list and going to store since those are some of my least favorite chores.  She would probably find a way to do it too!

And the one thing she could do at the start of the summer that she can no longer do….

take Kai up and down the stairs. (sliding safely down on her bottom of course)  He is almost half her weight now AND he pulls her hair. 

  • Dang, the things my kids have learned this summer?
    1. How to get a snack quietly at 4am so the parents don’t wake up
    2. How to make sure the windows are closed so the Sun doesn’t wake you up and you can sleep until 2pm.
    3. How to do a double jump grenade spring board launch to the secret hiding place in every Halo 3 map.
    4. How to download and install a crack for various Sims 2 addons
    5. How to kill a werewolf in 3 shots with a +4 assasain blade

  • Wow! What a nice helper you have there. Pretty soon you can sit and do nothing while she runs the house.

  • Luca is awesome! She is an organizer like Kaitlyn. If I have something like that I need done she does it so well … and loves to organize. I’m proud of Luca. She is a go getter! What have I learned to do this summer? Hmmm … still thinking.

  • Shayna

    Can Luca come and stay with us!!! She is a great little helper. Courtney and Derek are great helpers too… we just have them the parttime so the other part of the time I have to do it all…well I guess Cameron helps too! hehe

  • Sus

    What’s her hourly rate? I could use some serious help scrambling eggs for babies before I’ve had my coffee in the morning.

  • Um… does she take interns? I have an eager 6 yr old with lots of energy that I’d like to direct in a household productivity kinda way! (btw, thanks for visiting my blog a while back – just catching up with all the new visitors. Yes, it took me THAT long!! and I usually comment back on my comment section but I by accident overlooked yours. I hate when I do that.)

  • Ohh, what a sweetie! I’m so happy to be having my own little girl! You have darling kids!! It’s too bad we can’t get together more often, I miss you! Love you too!

  • It sounds like she has a great mentor. They grow up so fast.