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This Seriously Made Me Laugh So Hard I Couldn’t Breathe

Anna: "WAAAAAAAA…..Mooooooom, Lincoln won’t give me my two dollars!"

Me: "Lincoln, why do you have Anna’s two dollars?"

Lincoln: "Because she said if I didn’t tell you something then I could be the boss of her forever and so I told her she had to give me the money in her wallet."

Me: "What exactly did she tell you not to tell me?"

Lincoln: "That she threw a cup at my head."

Me: "You just told.  Give the two dollars back."

(pause…Luca casually looks up from the computer)

Luca:  "HEY!!!  That is MY wallet and MY two dollars!"

Anna: "Oops."

Maybe you had to be there?

  • I like how this story showcases each of their own little personalities. That Anna Lynn cracks me up.

  • This is a funny one. Lincoln telling what he wasn’t going to tell, Anna giving away Luca’s money …

  • Haha, very funny!! Sounds so familiar.