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This Tooth Fairy Is Cracking The Whip

Luca has had a loose tooth since last February.

The same tooth. It has been loose for ten months.

luca teeth

That gap there between her teeth…not supposed to be there. The tooth is so loose it hangs forward. It totally grosses her dad and me out, but we are not allowed anywhere near her mouth. She bit me the other day when I tried to wiggle it.

The other day she said, “What if I woke up one morning and there was a note under my pillow that said if I had the tooth out by the end of the day I would get more money?”

I said, “Would that make you pull it?”

“Probably not.”

This is the note she will find in the morning:



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  • Ha! That is some proactive tooth fairy!

  • Our 9 year old Sarah lost a tooth last week. She put a note with the tooth. She would not let me read it. When my wife swapped the tooth for cash she could not find the note in the dark.

    My daughter note asked the tooth fairy what did she do with all the teeth.

    She was a bit upset when there was no response. This issue was compounded by the fact her school friend had done the same thing and gotten a response (which of course complicates what the response should be, don’t want a different answer). I am sure she knows the truth and is just trying to catch us with wrong answers or hand writing that matches a known sample.

    This stuff is so fun to watch and play with but there is a part of me that thinks it is getting complicated covering for the tooth fairy’s issues (Santa falls into this group too).

  • Brilliant! Let me know how that goes. One of my daughters thinks she’s a dentist and will pull anyone’s tooth if it so much as dares to wiggle.

  • Thankfully, they’ve replaced the tooth fairy since she came to my house. For some reason more than once, the tooth fairy seemed to forget to pay up until it was almost too late.

  • awesome tooth fairy

  • Cindy Larkin

    LOL! What a stinker! I love that picture too. I’ll bet she gets what she wants ALOT huh?

  • Jana

    LOL!!! You make me laugh. It totally sounds like something that I would have done. Treigh won’t let me near his mouth either. One time he wanted to try the string and door knob method. It accually worked, but the tooth went flying and we never did find it. The tooth fairy still left money, along with a note.

  • This comes as not surprise to me, from my little sister (aka partner in crime) who was consistently the person that gave me a run for my money in figuring out all of santa’s hiding places.

  • Very clever. I can’t believe that tooth has been hanging on for ten months!! Yowsers. I find the tooth fairy’s choice of stationery interesting. So, she likes cows, eh? Who knew?

  • whim

    Update: It is still hanging in there, along with the tooth next to it. Both are hanging by a thread and I hope to have an update soon with a picture of a toothless grin!