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First Solids and First Night In Own Room

About three weeks ago and Kai’s four month checkup the doctor told me he was thriving and growing right on track and there was no need to start rice cereal for another two months.

So we started rice cereal last week and it has gone wonderfully!  I am sleeping for more than three hours at a time for the first time in months.  He loves it so much when he sees the spoon he growls at it and then dives madly for it.  I even made it a little thicker than I meant to the first time and he didn’t gag once. 

Next…meat and potatoes!

This is one Momma that really appreciates her doctor, but also appreciates her instinct (and HER Momma’s instinct) and is loving the extra two hours of sleep she has picked up at night.

He also has been sleeping in Lincoln’s room for the past five nights.  That is a little tough for me.  Knowing he is most likely my last one and I have had my last infant sleeping next to my bedside in a bassinet.  I haven’t moved the bassinet yet.  It stays there empty by my bed.  Okay…so it isn’t "empty".  It is filled with clean baby blankets and burp rags and probably a couple of Anna’s dirty socks…but there is not a warm little body in it anymore!

I will move it when I am good and ready!

Check out this baldie.  Not sure if the hair is falling out or the head is just outgrowing it.



  • He’s styling with that bald head! He sure reminds me a lot of LIncoln in this picture. I wish I could snuggle him. I’m glad you went with the cereal. It sounds like he was very ready for it! It is so nice when they sleep longer! Man he is cute! You can leave that bassinet there as long as you need it!